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Two carts collide in the grocery store. Your stuff is everywhere. Mixed up with theirs and stuff that fell off the shelves. You need your groceries! Fix it!!!

A coop/competitive digital/analog game for 4 players. Each team of two players is trying to get their groceries back as fast as possible. One player sees the items and can grab them. One player knows what to get. Communicate with your team mate to satisfy your grocery list. Do it fast! And make sure you don't grab stuff you don't need! Come on, are you made of money?!

*Made for the 2019 Philly Game Jam*


Phil Simmons - Programming
Moises Oliveri - Art
Woody Fentress - Level Design
Sutton Ashby - Programming
Jake O'Brien - Programming
Nate Trojian - Programming
Alex Cole - Sound
Michael Hudak - Music


GroceryCollision.zip 54 MB

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